Awareness could eliminate inequalities in cancer diagnoses

There are substantial inequalities in the stage at which cancer patients receive their diagnosis – a critical factor for cancer survival – a new study by the University of Cambridge reveals.

The 'appetite-suppressing' effect of proteins explained

Frequently recommended in weight-loss diets, dietary proteins have proven effectiveness thanks to their appetite-suppressing effects. A team led by Gilles Mithieux, Director of Inserm's Unit 855 "Nutrition and the Brain" in Lyon, has managed to explain the biological mechanisms behind these properties.

Validated diabetic nephropathy biomarker panel opportunity
Candidate biomarkers were identified using 2D-chromatography and MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry. The biomarkers were then validated on individual patient plasma samples using advanced mass spectrometry technique of Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM/MRM).  Statistical data analysis of the validation phase identified 13 putative protein biomarkers for diabetic nephropathy across the studies, including proteins involved in metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress.  
Prof Richard J Ross MD FRCP     Max Parkin, MD        Matthias Mann,    Prof. Howard Stevens
Professor, PhD
UK Study Provides Insight into Cancer Progression

The University of Kentucky has announced that Dr. Daret St. Clair, the James Graham Brown Endowed Chair and professor of toxicology, has published the first comprehensive study that provides insight into the relationship between two types of suppressors in cancerous tumors. The results will enhance the understanding of transcriptional mechanisms in carcinogenesis.

Rainforest plant combats multi-resistant bacterial strains

Aggressive infections in hospitals are an increasing health problem worldwide. The development of bacterial resistance is alarming. Now a young Danish scientist has found a natural substance in a Chilean rainforest plant that effectively supports the effect of traditional treatment...

A new EEG shows how brain tracts are formed

In the past few years, researchers at the University of Helsinki have made several breakthroughs in discovering how the brain of preterm babies work, in developing treatments to protect the brain...

Live from the thymus: T-cells on the move
T-cells are the immune system’s security force. They seek out pathogens and rogue cells in the body and put them out of action. Their precursors are formed in the bone marrow and migrate from there into the thymus. Here, they mature and differentiate to perform a variety of tasks.

Synthetic protein amplifies genes needed for stem cells
Scientists have found a way to generate and maintain stem cells much more efficiently by amplifying the effect of an essential protein. Researchers from Denmark, Scotland and the USA have created synthetic versions of a protein, which manipulates adult cells – such as skin cells – so that they can subsequently revert to an earlier, embryonic like state.

Xtreame LC 

Column manufacturers have been working to develop packing materials with particle sizes smaller than 2um to provide ever increasing resolution for high speed and for separating complex mixtures. This is currently at the forefront of proteomics applications. The small particle size and narrower columns cause extremely high back pressures resulting in the need for systems to deliver precise flow under difficult conditions. The New X-LC system from JASCO can operate at pressures up to 15,000 PSI.

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